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The title is a personal quote of mine that I find fits my life fairly well, and I believe it might provide your own also. Enable me to clarify:

If "I strive currently," I spend whatever time it requires to obtain my task done effectively as well as successfully, and also a bit more. Typically this is over, and also past the 40 hrs I am "paid" to function (I'm an exempt associate). If I strive currently, I have the ability to prosper of my peers that work "only hard adequate" to obtain by and do exactly what they do. By striving currently, I could stay clear of having to "work hard later on" in my life, and also my job, due to the fact that I am setting the table for my future successes by spending the time right now to discover what I need to do to be successful, to obtain my name out there, so people view me as a supporter for them, and also to prove that I am willing to pay the cost of success.

The tougher I work currently, the less tough I'll have to function later on. On the various another hand, if I choose to be one that simply manages, after that, I'll need to strive for life and maintain doing "just enough." I make certain you, like me, understand lots of people that do this, and after that wonder why they never prosper in their job or their individual life. For me, I choose to work hard now, put in my time, and also rise to the top.

So it's your choice, work hard now, or strive forever. Simple sufficient.